Regard Extreme is a french musical project founded by Fabien Nicault in 1990. Influenced both by the Dark underground scene of the 80’s and ancient or classical music, Regard Extreme presents a dark orchestral sound with a brooding martial quality.




Fabien Nicault initiated to music during his pre-teen years. He firstly learned recorder and piano later.During this period he mainly played pieces of the classical repertory for piano. He also played alto recorder in an ancient music ensemble.When he became a teenager (nearly 1978), he began to listen the broadcast music of the charts. After several years listening commercial radios, Fabien discovered another side of the musical scene: The underground music. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet other ways of musical expressions. This was also the time of independent local radio station boom in France.


In the 80s. Fabien stopped studying music and decided to host a radio show in an independent local radio station. The aim was to promote underground music.


During 10 years he managed his radio show and came into contact with lots of small bands and labels of the 80s. It was the opportunity to discover and promote a large range of music styles like Techno, Cold Wave, Minimalist, neo classical, Ethereal, etc. After studying he ended his Radio activities and decided to start again playing music. He bought his first keyboard in 1991 and began to play in his home-studio: Regard Extreme was Born. A first involvement to a compilation Freak Show allowed R.E. to become known and was encouraged by critics. In 1993, R.E. decided to collect some of his tracks in a first tape "Aux Morts". The sound is sometime primitive and is most of the time far to the current R.E. sonorities. Nevertheless, melodies beloved of R.E. are already present. As time goes by, the style of R.E. is taking shape by choosing new sounds like strings, heavy drums and new choirs. It brings to a first CD in 1996: "Resurgence". The classical influences are now obvious all through this CD. Style is more symphonic and chorus are omnipresent.


Then Eric Konofal, an old friend from the radio period well known as "Les Joyaux de la Princesse" suggested to share a new project titled "Die Weisse Rose". This collaboration was the opportunity to discover the pleasure of working on a common artistical project. The artistical approach could be assimilated to a movie soundtrack composition which was very interesting. This was also the opportunity to do some performances (Lille, New York ). Further to this project, a new CD was produced by "World Serpent" in 1998. The influence of classical music is still more present on "Vague a l'ame". It is also more peacefull and drums are more soft. This is the last collaboration with the famous label "World Serpent".


Then became a new time when R.E. reduced his music activity. Job and growing family kept him very busy. In 2000, R.E. met Alex from "Cynfeirdd". They began a new collaboration leading to the "Resurgence II"


In fact, it seemed necessary to Fabien to take up Resurgence first version in order to remove the sins of his youth. All the tracks were rescored, the new instruments beloved of R.E. were used and sound quality was improved. The result is a more accomplished and more powerful work. In 2003, R.E. decided to compose a last work with his current instruments. Utopia marks the end of the first R.E. musical period. A dark and repetitive orchestral sound with heavy drums. "Gae Bolg" contributed to this CD by giving a mix version of "Utopia" with brilliant trumpets.


After a long period of inactivity R.E. is back in 2013 and annonce that he is working on a new CD. A first demo version of a track is avalaible. In 2015 R.E. participate to the compilation "PRIEZ POUR PARIS". The new CD "Anaphore" is announced for the end of 2016.



Releases: Aux Morts (Cass) Perspectives 1993 Die Weiße Rose (Album) (4 versions) Les Joyaux De La Princesse … 1995 Résurgence (CD) Perspectives, Allegoria 1996 Vague À L’Âme (Album) (2 versions) Perspectives … 1998 Résurgence (Album) (2 versions) Cynfeirdd … 2001 Utopia (CD, Album, Dig) Cynfeirdd, Perspectives 2003 Appears On: Defend The Palace: Worms A. D. MCLXXXIV (Comp) (2 versions) Amour Te Volerai Palace Of Worms 2002








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