HIGHCLOUDBLOG.WORDPRESS.COM - Interview - 01.11.2015

Taking his name from the eponymous album of Brigade International, Regard Extreme marked the French underground electronic scene of the 80’s, including its collaboration with Les joyaux de la princesse on « Die Weisse Rose » (1995). Recently back in business, he agreed to answer High Cloud questions the time of an interview.

The four artists who most influenced your musical vision?

Very difficult question, I would say indiscriminately and in various musical styles that I like, Michael Nyman, Bernard Hermann, Neon judgment and Front 242. Bernard Hermann and Michael Nyman for their atypical way of using instruments like the sopranos winds and bass, producing a music of extraordinary texture and power. Neon Judgement of the first period with completion the album « Mafu Cage » and they Art of mixing electric guitars, tribal beats and pure electronic sounds . Finally Front 242 until « Official Version » album, for their sound work, their chants and energy they gave off.

Favorite albums?

Mafu cage (Neon Judgement)-In my opinion it is the culmination of the first part of their career.

Chapter IV and Wait and Dance Remixed (Trisomie 21)-For me it is the group’s flagship album, it contains a refined music, a bass guitar as Joy Division, a simple drum machine, synths and a so inimitable voice.

In Out (Clair Obscur)-Intimate album of the legendary French group, nostalgia loan and dominated by acoustic instruments.

A favorite movie ?

I am a movie fan. Providing a favorite movie would be impossible for me, as many have left their mark on me for years, in their different ways, for different reasons. I am particularly loyal to some directors whose world touches me deeply. For exemple, F. Truffaut, Eric Rohmer, W. Allen, P. Greenaway, T. William, Q. Tarantino, the Coen Brothers. The last film that I discovered and which struck me is « Les enfants terribles » for its bewitching atmosphere, surreal and tragic.

A favorite book?

I can not provide, because in fact I read a few. It is an activity that I always had trouble practicing. However, I am very sensitive to the beauty of words or a story. But I need to hear and see. Cinema and music give me a much greater emotion than reading. Perhaps by lack of imagination.

What can you tell us about your collaboration with Les Joyaux de la princesse, Die Weisse Rose?

We had met long before our collaboration in a radio station of “Tours” City called « Radio Béton » where we each had our own radio show. We shared moments of camaraderie and of course we exchanged about our project of composition. Our respective projects have materialized.

Then, Eric offered me one day that collaboration on this project close to his heart and I liked this project.. We had both migrated in Paris, which facilitated the work. We brought our compositions and we worked « matter » together. Everything happened naturally. The experience was rewarding for me because I had always worked alone before.

We feel many inspirations in your work, including martial, black, a few words on this? Historical events, characters, painters, marking your work?

What inspires me is the emotion. Even if I love to laugh and I am a happy nature, concerning the music, it’s just the opposite. I search tragic, melancholy, nostalgia but also seriousness and depth. Regarding visual art, I am very sensitive to old paintings, scrolls and calligraphy.

How would you define your music, your style?

Dark neoclassical music sums up quite well. A modern music completely anchored in the classic music.

A word on music news? Your Album of the year?

For several years, I am completely disconnected from actual underground scene. I have gone through periods of my life when music rose to second place.

Cloud test: I make you listen to 2 songs, related or not to your style, and you tell me your impression :

Crystal Castles (8 bit, dark disco) : Sounds like Neon Judgement, in sounds and drum machine level. Voice is too sensual for me but let’s listen or dance

White Ring (Witch House) : Less dancing, darker and a distorted voice, a band that I could hear 15 years ago.

Finally, a message to your listeners? Could they expect a new album or EP ?

I resume my activities, but I became a bit rusty and equipment modernized. It takes time and patience. HAfficher l’articleowever, I am optimistic because the first titles ended fill my expectations