LUXETERNA.COM - Album review : The Odyssey - 14.07.2019

Félix V. Díaz

Last Thursday, June 21st, the sublime album "The Odyssey" was officially presented, created with great talent by two of the most creative musical minds in the current non-mainstream scene: the Greek artist Shelmerdine VI, alma mater of Dark Awake, and the French artist Fabien Nicault, alma mater of Regard Extrême. Published through the prestigious record label LA ESENCIA RECORDS in a luxurious limited edition of 300 units in a three-panel digipak CD with an eight-page booklet, the album "The Odyssey" is adorned with an aristocratic classic design of striking beauty created by Jor Art.

The presence of the Greek sculpture that visually dominates its cover with embossed letters is perfectly harmonized with the memory of the past through the use of darkness on its right side and side lighting on the left, with its focus located at the top as a visual representation of divinity projecting its influence (its light) in this world. With the mythical literary work "The Odyssey," a classic of essential reading, turned into the main source of inspiration for this great musical work, in the eleven themes that make up this album, the music-loving readers of Lux Atenea who acquire this luxurious edition will be able to enjoy this spectacular sonic immersion in the mythological spirit that inspired the Greek literary master Homer to write this cultural gem in antiquity. Moreover, they will be fascinated by the extraordinary vocal interpretation performed by Juliette Nicault in the song "The Sirens (Fascinating Song)," and by the mythical Greek artist, composer, and vocalist Sekte (Dark Awake, Vox Lilia) for her sublime vocal interpretation in the songs "The Island Of Sun God (Helios)" and "Mentor (A Message From A Goddess)," and as spoken-words in the song "Ogygia (Calypso’s Island)."

Eleven attractive compositions to immerse ourselves in another magical world and in another perspective of the human being in relation to the gods, and where each stage or test overcome by Ulysses on this long journey becomes an ethical and moral lesson of human reality on its vital path. And that message has been clearly engraved in each of these themes thanks to the virtuosity in composition demonstrated by these two musical geniuses in such an Apollonian and dazzling musical work. Lux Atenea 4 - 4 We begin the audition of this new musical gem from Dark Awake along with Regard Extrême, starting this mythical journey by listening and attentively enjoying the first theme "Towards A Long Journey" where the neoclassical style merges with folk touches of arcane inspiration, flowing melodically with an emotional smoothness characteristic of the classical music composers of the 19th century. A sonorous impulse that transmits determination and firmness in search of that personal adventure that will transform the interior of the being itself. The grandeur of neoclassical music will begin to rise in the beautiful composition "Polyphemus (A Trick Against The Cyclops)," perfuming our room with these ancient mythological airs while cunning and deception begin to surround the cyclops Polyphemus. And let's not forget, Ulysses stands out in "The Odyssey" for his intelligence and his ability to resolve any situation, no matter how desperate, thanks to his art of deception. Intelligence and deception, an interesting musical prelude to delve into the next theme "The Land Of Laistrygones," recreating the atmosphere that was breathed on that island populated by the Laestrygonians, anthropophagous giants. Hence the tragic melodic plane, slow and dense, that dominates the structure of this dark composition.

Subsequently, in "Teiresias (Prophet In The Underworld)," we will move from earthly darkness to another much deeper and more powerful darkness that will take us to the Kingdom of Hades, where the mythical seer Tiresias is located, with that gloomy underworld atmosphere meticulously recreated in this spectacular dark-ambient instrumental structure. "Teiresias (Prophet In The Underworld)," impressive!!! Without reducing its magical intensity one bit, the iridescent theme "Circe (Metamorphosis)" will be presented as if we were on the island of Aeaea visiting the witch Circe, melodically intertwining enchantment and the temptation of desires until shaping this beautiful composition that will sonically evolve from captivating to dramatic. A tragic fate that will remain latent in the theme "The Sirens (Fascinating Song)" with its deadly chant in the voice of Juliette Nicault. The sound of seabirds and the melodic notes of the harp will create this idyllic atmosphere where the musical attraction becomes sinister due to the ominous fate that comes with falling under its charm. Lux Atenea 4 - 5 Danger and tragedy are always present in Homer's "The Odyssey," and the theme "Scylla And Charybdis" will recreate the infernal presence of Scylla and Charybdis put on alert as soon as Ulysses' ship enters the water channel. "Scylla And Charybdis" is a spectacular composition that intelligently integrates the dark-ambient musical style with the industrial, bringing to life this tense and distressing theme where fear and danger are omnipresent. Without a doubt, "Scylla And Charybdis" is the most innovative composition of Dark Awake and Regard Extrême that the music-loving readers of Lux Atenea will find on the album "The Odyssey."

Radically changing the sonic atmosphere, "The Island Of Sun God (Helios)" will be presented by merging neoclassicism with arcane folk to take us directly to Thrinacia, the island of the Sun God. Here, the velvety and evanescent voice of Sekte is essential and irreplaceable to rock us with her elegant interpretation, continuing her musical protagonism in the theme "Ogygia (Calypso’s Island)" through spoken-words. Musically, the fascination and loss of the notion of time are impeccably reflected in this recreation of the island of Ogygia, the place where the nymph Calypso kept Ulysses fascinated for seven long years. Subsequently, in the composition "Mentor (A Message From A Goddess)," Sekte will once again demonstrate her interpretative talent by creating this almost supernatural divine ambiance while the magic of the revealed destiny takes on meaning. "Mentor (A Message From A Goddess)" is melodically ethereal and iridescent, offering an intense mental spectacle where light and divine presence form this vortex beyond this world. But this hypnotic journey comes to an end, and the theme "Ithaca (The Return Of The King)" will fade on the horizon like the cyclical sunset when the night returns to claim its kingdom. "The Odyssey," a true discographic gem and Musical Masterpiece signed by Dark Awake and Regard Extrême to enhance the non-mainstream music scene over the coming years. Enjoy it!!!