SIDE-LINE.COM - Album review : Ars Veterum - 29.10.2021

Content: The work is an invitation to dark reverie; getting back to times of castles, knights, troubadours ao. “Ars Veterum” brings the image of lost times back to life by the magic of sounds directly linked to this music; flutes, lute, rebec… they’ll create this magic sound and sphere. Fabien Nicault’s deep timbre of voice injects an extra dark touch to the composition while a few female parts bring some lightness. I also noticed a few epic arrangements creating some drama. Most of the songs have been sung in French, but there are also tracks in Latin.

+ + + : Medieval music always has something enchanting and magic. It’s not that different with “Ars Veterum”, which however has a very dark approach. The music has something authentic; the flute sounds even creating a bewitching effect. The last track brings this sensation perfectly alive. I also enjoyed the more orchestral/epic-like “L’Irreparable”. And if you’re into French poetry, I’m sure the lyrics will definitely catch your attention for their emotion and rhymes. Last, but not least, the artwork is a perfect exposure of what you’ll hear. – – – : The album is easy to listen and definitely enjoyable, but I sometimes miss something more melodic and/or elevating in the writing. Everything remains pretty dark… which is cool as well.