New Album released. A musical journey in Dark and Beauty inspired by the Homer’s poem. CD 11 tracks – 6 Panels digipack – 8 pages Bootleg

Dark Neoclassical, Martial, Epic, Ethereal, Dark Ambient. A music full of emotion and energy that captures our hearts and imaginations.

Regard Extreme-Darkwave-Neclassical

“All I feel in music, I live it”

Fabien Nicault

New Album Released

The Odyssey

CD 11 tracks – 6 Panels digipack – 8 pages Bootleg
Embossed text & logos on cover.
Martial, Epic, Neoclassical, Ethereal, Dark Ambient.
A musical journey in Dark and Beauty Inspired by the Homer’s poem.
Composed by: Regard Extrême & Dark Awake.
Produced by: La Esencia records

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“As soon as the fatal beauty of that music comes into your ears, you can’t wait listening to some more. Regard Extrême is a French band which is unique in its country, and in the rest of the world I must say. The outstanding quality of this musical project put it amongst the most promising artists of the independent scene. “

Nathalie F.


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